We fix what others can’t & create IT Solutions for your unique technology needs.

Providing IT Service & Support to the Central Maine Community since 2011.

Why choose Central Maine Tech Services?

CMTS won't charge for Diagnosis on any Device! | Fast, Friendly, & Reliable Service! You won't be disappointed | Need Managed IT Services for your business? CMTS has been in business for 13 years supporting the Central Maine Community.

Services We Offer

Managed Services

CMTS can provide expert oversight of technology infrastructure, including monitoring, maintenance, and cybersecurity. Businesses can boost their efficiency and minimize downtime by outsourcing these crucial tasks to us.

IT Consulting Services

Let us help you make those daunting technology choices that every business/homeowner looks at to better improve your productivity & efficiency. 

Computer Services 

We offer essential technical support, covering hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, and more. We ensure smooth and secure digital operations for individuals and businesses. 

We want to be your go-to IT Gurus!

Data Services

Our data offerings safeguard your important information by creating and storing local & cloud copies, preventing data loss from accidents or cyber threats, and enabling swift recovery.

Network Services

Helping ensure your network establishes and maintains vital communication pathways for seamless data exchange and internet access, crucial in our interconnected world.