Computer Services

Free In-Shop Estimates:

We have no bench fees. We offer a true in-shop free estimate. So if you decide to not fix your computer then you really will not owe us any money! 

Our computer services are listed but not limited to the following:

Computer and Technology Consulting

Do you have issues with your current technology? Do you want to upgrade or improve your current infrastructure? 

Central Maine Tech Services can help you make those daunting technology choices that every business/homeowner looks at to better improve your productivity & efficiency. Central Maine Tech Services does not have a one-size fits all cookie cutter solution. We know and understand that all businesses/homes are different & need individual attention to attain the best results.

Tech Support

Central Maine Tech Services can provide both Onsite & Remote Technical Support. If you have an issue we can assist you with a large number of technical issues from internet connection issues, email problems, unexpected shutdowns, or even that random error that keeps producing itself causing constant frustration & loss in productivity.

Windows & Apple Computer Maintenance

All computers & devices these days need occasional maintenance to ensure they provide optimal output & efficiency. Central Maine Tech Services can work with you to set up a simple schedule or even provide training to end-users to help keep things running smoothly and without incident!

Some of the maintenance in question is but not limited to are:

Viruses, Malware, & Spyware Removal / Prevention

There is a good chance your computer at some point gets infected by some sort of Virus, Malware, Spyware, etc. These intruders and often malicious beasts can & will cause havoc on our computers and networks. In some cases, they will steal both trivial and important data from us. These kinds of activities however can be minimized & even avoided by having an up-to-date virus scanning suite and/or Malware/Spyware detection program installed.

There are also systems we can implement to actively monitor, both your Incoming & Outgoing network traffic, for these threats. These systems would scan for unwanted data or unapproved content. In short, We can educate, configure & suggest solutions that minimize these threats from becoming real issues for you and/or your business.

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