Network Services

Our network service offerings are listed but not limited to the following:

Computer and Device Networking

The ability to communicate is vital to the speed at which our personal lives & businesses function today. Networking is what brings this together.. and how/what your network consists of will determine just how well it communicates internally & externally. 

Central Maine Tech Services can help your or your business communicate at it fullest potential with the best possible, computers, configurations, and networking equipment!

Remote Access

Central Maine Tech Services can set up & provide a means for you and/or your staff to be able to access necessary devices remotely either by using a smartphone, tablet, or even just another computer.

Network / Internet Security

These days the security of our personal & business data is constantly being threatened! To counter this matter, Central Maine Tech Services can recommend & implement proper security solutions that will keep you and your data safe from threats coming from every which way. We are able to manage this by means of a multitude of available security suite offerings, security-hardware devices, and effective security protocols.

Network Consultation/Design

All businesses & even homeowners have plans of improving their networks. The pitfall that a number of businesses/homeowners have as a deterrent is often the cost that is involved. Network and business infrastructure can be engineered, designed, and implemented all at once OR it can be put together a piece at a time in a step-by-step process to assist in keeping labor and material costs lower and spread out. 

We are more than confident that we will be able to provide you and/or your business consultation & solutions that will fit your needs and budget constraints.

Wired & Wireless Networking / Integration

Do you need to expand Wi-Fi access in your home or business? Are you in need of wired networking for desktops & VoIP phones? 

Central Maine Tech Services can provide you with wired and wireless network solutions! Wired Ethernet solutions will provide a physical medium to connect to your internet access device or to connect multiple computers to your network via a router and or Gigabit Ethernet switch. We also can engineer and implement wireless (Wi-Fi) access solutions without the mess of wires or wall jacks. Both solutions are set up securely to give you peace of mind & can even be controlled remotely. In addition, we can provide a means for you and your guests to connect to your home/office’s internet connection by connecting to a separate “Guest” network. This in turn keeps your personal/business internet traffic separate from your “guest” public traffic. Having Guest Wi-Fi access at your home or business can be a great addition for family guests or business clients allowing them to continue working on their own tasks. All of this can be configured for on-premise access only or setup for remote management by you or us.