Data Services

Our data service offerings are listed but not limited to the following:

Data Backup and Recovery

It is paramount that you or your business have consistent timely backups of any vital data. Central Maine Tech Services can assist you with what is the best method to backup your device's data in the event that it has a catastrophic failure, or you simply need to recover a file that was lost or changed. We also will ensure you have the best means of backups stored in multiple locations to alleviate the chance of your one and only backup failing unexpectedly.

No one likes to setup backups.. but no one likes to lose their important data either!

On-Site & Off-Site Backups

As mentioned above, consistent backups are crucial! With our help, we can make sure your backups are easily accessible (for you only of course) both on-site via a local backup file server and in the cloud via a dedicated backup hosting service (properly secured.)