Are you struggling with computer & mobile device management? Do you have Network issues? Are Internet & Device Security problems becoming a nuisance? Or do you maybe need 1on1 training? 

Central Maine Tech Services can proudly & confidently say that we will be able to help you with an array of Professional, Affordable, & Efficient services that we provide.

Your data is as important as the machine that you or someone else accesses it on. We can help you take the appropriate measures to protect it!

Our managed service options mean we can service & maintain your technology so that you can get to work and be profitable! We will maintain your tech, both hardware & software, and make prompt recommendations on when things need to be fixed, upgraded, or replaced.

Let us keep all your devices working as optimally & efficiently as possible with a tailored managed services plan!

So you don't have a smartphone? Well, you are 1 of the 14% in the world without one. For those of you that do have one or any sort of mobile device within your business, we can help you manage them & use them to their full potential! Working & Doing business with Mobile Devices is the direction this tech-filled world is heading. We would LOVE to help you use them!

We all want our devices to last forever & can't afford downtime without them available. Central Maine Tech Services can't make them run for eternity, however, we can make their useful life last longer than you might expect! Let us help you Protect your investments with regular service, maintenance, and repairs.

Do you have a mix of different operating systems in your home or business? Or would you like to learn about upgrading or switching over to a different OS? We can help lay out the path to get you up & running in no time!

A secure & effective network is a happy network. Don't skip one of the most necessary pieces to the technology puzzle!

Support is our go-to! We enjoy helping our customers learn something new, solve long-in-the-tooth problems, and get back to business as usual! Let us help make technology work for you!


S3CUR1TY M@TT3R$. If you read that correctly the first time you understand one of the many important pieces of Security these days. Central Maine Tech Services can help you make sure you and/or your business's data stays secure in all fashions. Data Security, Wired Network Security, Wi-Fi Security, Device Management, and more!

Central Maine Tech Services provides a number of security services related to: